Submit Your Music to the HD Radio Network

Want to be heard on the HD Radio Network?  Submit your music by using the form below.  You can submit One Song (mp3 or wav file)  or an entire Album (zip or rar file).  If your music fits the station you selected, we may have your song up running with-in hours.

Some things to keep in mind:

All songs should be fully normalized.

All songs should have metadata (title, artist, album).

Albums can include Artist intros ("...From our new album, here's a song on HD Radio Station...").

Fill out the form completely to be considered for airplay.

*HD Radio Network reserves the right to play or not play your music on any or all stations on the network.  By submitting your music in the form below, you give the HD Radio Network, its stations, and ProGo Productions, LLC the right to use your music on any station and in any manner without any compensation.